Haggs Castle & Drumpellier

Tournament Information

Haggs Castle         
30th September 2013: 12.30pm

1st October 2013: 12.30pm

  • Haggs Castle: Yellow
  • Drumpellier: Yellow


Guaranteed 20 places for professionals in every competiton, first come first served
Guaranteed 10 places for amateurs, to be decided by lowest handicap
Remaining players will be put on reserve list and will be allocated any remaining places (i.e. if there are less than 20 professionals) or if there are any withdrawals after the closing date.


Entries close one week prior to tournament.
Entry fee is £50 for each tournament

Entry fees need to be paid before your entry will be accepted.


 Haggs Castle £3500
 Drumpellier £3500

*approximate, based on 30 entries

Haggs Castle Result

Charlotte Austwick (a)74£500 voucher
Lisa Shervill75£450
Michele Thomson75£450
Kiran Matharu75£450
Emma Fairnie76£300
Gemma Webster76£300
Martine Pow76£300
Daisy Dyer77£100
Jane Turner78
Heather Stirling78
Laura Murray79
Katy McNicoll80
Karyn Burns80
Nichola Ferguson (a)84
Jennifer Rankine (a)91
Alexandra Duffy (a)98

Drumpellier Results

Beth Allen71£750
Kiran Matharu72£600
Michele Thomson74£500
Heather Stirling75£325
Gemma Webster75£325
Lisa Shervill76£190
Daisy Dyer77£105
Charlotte Austwick (a)77£105 voucher
Laura Murray78
Vikki Laing78
Martine Pow79
Becky Brewerton80
Emma Fairnie80
Jane Turner81
Carol Fell (a)81
Karyn Burns82
Nichola Ferguson (a)84
Eileen Cooper (a)89
Pamela PretswellWD

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